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Wilsted & Taylor Publishing Services

the craftSince 1982, Wilsted & Taylor has offered the highest scholarly and aesthetic standards in the publishing world. Book-passionate folk, we approach our work with devotion to the great typographic and book-making traditions.      Whether we are providing a single service, such as book typography, or comprehensive services—such as project management, editing, design, typography and layout, indexing, and printing—all of us are dedicated to providing outstanding craftsmanship.      We are known for the range and depth of our services and for our well-integrated understanding of the requirements of book work.      You will find Wilsted & Taylor in the best colophons.

project managementWe coordinate and supervise all phases of production, taking a project from unedited manuscript through printing and binding.      Because we do all the editing, design, typesetting, and layouts in our own shop, we enjoy great efficiencies in budget and schedule, as well as enviable control over quality.      We work comfortably with a variety of excellent printers in Canada, Asia, Europe, and the United States. As part of project management, we expect to check the press sheets, bluelines, and color proofs. We also can offer complete color management for digital images. We provide expert supervision on press checks.      We ride herd over the schedule from start to finish, and we make sure that, whatever it may take, your book or catalogue is ready when you need it.

editingThe editors at Wilsted & Taylor have vast experience in handling the special requirements of scholarly and curatorial detail in complex illustrated projects. Their skill at developing and managing our unwieldiest projects is matched only by their diplomacy when working with authors of same.      These editors also perform our persnickety editorial checks, overseeing the accuracy of each project at every stage of production, with their to-the-point queries, long experience with ancient and modern languages, and depth of book and catalogue expertise.

designOur experience during twenty-five years of designing books has strengthened our faith in the beauty of letterforms, the pure force of gracefully contrasted white space, and the pleasure of deftly composed and well-balanced pages.      Our designs for books, museum catalogues, commercial catalogues, and jackets have won myriad awards from professional organizations throughout the country.      We are also happy to design ephemera such as broadsheets, promotional brochures, note cards, menus, and posters.

typographyFor us, typography has always been the crucial heart of great printed work.      We pay scrupulous attention to kerning text as well as titling fonts. We kern all our typefaces individually, referring whenever possible to the original hot-metal samples in the Wilsted & Taylor type library. Then, when all the letterspacing is near-perfect, we concentrate on achieving particularly even and smooth word spacing.      Our typographers also look closely at how ragged, display, and caption type is breaking, and then they work to achieve the best appearance.      We are as careful with how we expertly compose the pages of a project as we are with how we set its type, especially in complex scholarly books and museum catalogues that may involve placing hundreds of illustrations, charts, tabular material, footnotes, and sidenotes, sometimes in multi-column formats.

indexingWhen your project nears completion, we work closely with our small group of extremely qualified professional indexers to provide conceptual indexes in any field.

printingTo ensure the highest quality printing that is within a publisher’s budget, we work with experienced book and catalogue printers all over the world. After checking the press sheets, bluelines, and color proofs, we are always happy to go on press to work with the printer to achieve the finest printed results. We also provide letterpress printing for broadsheets, invitations, fine-edition books, and ephemera.