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The Burton and Van Duzer Family History Building for Hearst and Morgan: Voices from The George Loorz Papers, by Taylor Coffman.  Foreword by Kevin Starr. 2003, Berkeley Hills Books, Berkeley, California. 608 pp., 130 illus., 10-1/4 x 7-1/4 in. The Flight Before Christmas (and What I Got Into with the Threesome of Terror in New York), by Devika Ogden Gurung Daughter of the Yellow River: An Inspirational Journey, by Diana Lu
Champagne Roses, by Samuel Leftwich. 1994. 70 pp., 1 illus., 10-7/8 x 8 in. Mind Underlies Spacetime: The Axioms and Verifying Model for How Connections Form Space and How Sequenced Focusing Forms Local Time, by Daniel A. Cowan. 6th ed., 2006, Joseph Publishing Company, San Mateo, California. 320 pp., 9-1/4 x 6-1/8 in. Wonder: A Memoir, by Basil De Pinto Poems of an Immigrant 1935–1995: A Book of Light Verse, by Ruth Eis.  1995, Oakland, California. 92 pp., 19 illus., 9-1/4 x 5-1/4 in.
The Ruth and Max Eis Collection of Judaica at the Reutlinger Community for Jewish Living, text by Ruth Eis, photographs by Russell Abraham, E. Gur-Arieh, Heinz Lackner, and Gary Sinick. 2000, Reutlinger Community for Jewish Living, Danville, California. 110 pp., 69 illus., 10 x 7 in. Now and Again: More Musings and Memoirs, by Robert Patmont.  2001, Oakland, California. 144 pp., 8-3/4 x 5-5/8 in. By a Set of Curious Chances: Collected Essays of Albert M. Potts, edited by Leah Potts Fisher and Charles Fisher. 2003, Isaac and Leah M. Potts Foundation. 284 pp., 19 illus., 9-1/4 x 6-1/4 in. Collected Poems, by Elizabeth Carlson. 2000, Quintessential Publishing, Santa Rosa, California. 160 pp., 9 x 6 in.
The First Argument: Cutting to the Root of Intimate Conflict, by Sharon M. Rivkin. 2006, Quintessential Publishing, Santa Rosa, California. 152 pp., 9 x 6 in. No More Turning Away: A  Revolution in Education/ Solutions for a Violent World, by Ronald G. Veronda. 2001, Education4YourLife, San Mateo, California. 240 pp., 9 x 6 in.